The White Eagle Singers

Arlie Neskahi
Lead Singer


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  Original Compositions
Intertribals and Special Songs

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Low Lead aka Walking w/Kinji   We Were Meant to be Together
Wind Song   Last Kiss
  Roller Coaster Song   You’re Not Far Away
  Gathering of Nations Song    Mountain Flower 
  Paddle Song    Take Me Back Sweetheart
  Heart Butte Special   Dog House, and many other favorites…
  Mother Earth Song    
  Hard Times; chosen by Sweetgrass Records as one of the World's best Grass Dance Songs    
Wellpinit Trick: we sang this when we won first place in Wellpinit, WA.    
IWASIL Intertribal, one of our recent faves to sing!    
IWASIL Golden Age, this is one of the classic White Eagle traditional songs.